Richmond, BC, Canada

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Hi, my name is Juliette - and I am the girl behind the lens!

I am a visionary, who turns simple things into creative ideas/concepts. If I literally stare at a problem long enough a light bulb eventually goes off, offering a variety of ways on how to execute the vision. I get extremely passionate for style and photography. I am tickled by imagery created by others that make me feel like I was there sharing that moment. 

I am a dreamer, that’s inspired by all the creativity and beauty that surrounds me. I believe that there is never a dream that’s too big – I just have to want it enough to make it a reality. My approach in photography is organic, and building from that into something that transpires into imagery that evokes so much emotion and storytelling. I dream of one day travelling all over the world for boudoir and weddings, so that I can preserve those precious moments and memories that unfold.

I am an inspirer. I never thought about making a career change so bold in my late twenties that would take myself away from a secure 9-5 job. It takes a lot to decide to want to be my own boss, and chase after my dreams. I want to inspire and help others to do the same. I seized an opportunity that pointed me in the photographic and creative direction. What drives me is being able to work so closely with so many beautiful woman to bring confidence to themselves. To me, boudoir photography isn't about lingerie and sexy pictures. It's about bringing out the beauty and confidence in everyone in a way that makes them look and feel good. It's to remember a specific moment in time when the past becomes just a memory. What fuels my passion for photography in the wedding industry is that I am a hopeless romantic, truly believing in ‘true love’s kiss.’ 

MSG me for a shoot with my talented team and myself, and I promise you won't regret it.