Ellements Magazine: September 2017 Issue - "Femme Féroce"

Hi Everyone,

I admit - I am terrible at blogging. Maybe my 2018 new year's goal? I went on this incredible journey as a photographer 5 years ago - met so many amazing people along the way and fostered many great relationships. When I heard that our editorial got accepted in one of New York's fastest rowing publication - I was ecstatic! I always admire all the talent that they feature and could not believe that I was even considered a part of this. 

This editorial has been one of my favourite ones we put together. Pushed through different changes of looks in a short amount of time. This shoot stars my favourite makeup artist, partner and friend. So sad that you are going to Toronto, but happy that you are continuing your dream. 

Oh - not to mention - I also attempted a very poor attempt at video. Still super proud of myself though - self-taught video editing by watching 8 hours of youtube to make a 30 second clip. I think that will be my next adventure :) I'll post it in the next post!

The wonderful team that made all this possible (click on name for Instagram):

Photographer: Myself

Model: Emily Maddison with Lexington Models

Makeup Artist: Ada Jun

Hair Stylist: Clara Leung

Wardrobe Stylist: Siman Heer for Revossa Fashion

Publication: Ellements Magazine

Feedback is alway welcomed and encouraged! I hope you choose to follow my work because I promise lots of good things coming :)

- Juliette